LFFL Community

A special thank you to our volunteers who have stepped up to lead these kids on the field. Learning plays & choreography is challenging. We need leaders who are patient, kind and understand how to best connect with their athlete. 

To date, we have nearly 50 parents giving up between 2-4 hours of their time each week to help kids develop new skills, bigger friend networks and stronger competence in themselves. Thank you volunteers!

Post-season Feedback

There are a few areas in which we can improve as coaches, mentors and parents.

1-Parent support. Some teams have assistant coaches, some have none. Parents, don't be afraid to help when you can! We encourage collaborating with coaches, become a defender during practice, organize treats for athletes after, take pics and share!

2-Kindness and respect for our opponent. On occasion, we may let our bigger emotions out (good and bad!). The LFFL prefers character development rather than who can do the gritty best after a score.

3-In Game behaviors. Our refs get better and better each week, but if there are issues (e.g., other opponent flags hidden, too physical) please bring to our attention respectfully and we'll give more attention to correct the behavior.

4-Schedule We tried to be adaptive in our first season, however once the schedule is set we will stick with the schedule. Kickoff times were on-time over 75% of the games but will continue to improve in that area.